Hour of Code

Code.org provides various coding activities for all levels of coding backgrounds.  Teachers or students do not need any coding experiences to try out these tools.

Although the official Hour of Code week is the first week in December these materials are available year round.

Please let your LMC staff know if you have any questions.

Using Seesaw to Show Your Learning

There are many ways that you can use Seesaw in creative ways to show what you are learning.  Here are suggestions on some ways that you could use Seesaw.  If you have questions on how to use Seesaw for any of these tasks ask your teacher or the library staff.

Video Creation - WeVideo

You can use WeVideo to create a video to demonstrate your learning.  Included here are both written directions and a video that demonstrate how to create a video using WeVideo.  If you have additional questions you can contact your teacher or the library staff for further assistance.

"WeVideo Tutorial" by Linda Peterson 

"How To Create a Movie in WeVideo" by Robin Amado and Jenny McBurney

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PebbleGo Research Tool
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